Stephanie Woolley

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at the Chiron Centre, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine. It is safe and effective for everyone. You are treated holistically taking into account the differing range of physical, emotional and lifestyle factors that apply to each of us. Homeopathy looks beyond narrow disease labels to look at you as a unique individual.

Homeopathy has been widely used in western countries for more than 200 years but it has an established tradition dating back to ancient Greece and forms a cornerstone of medical practice in the East. It continues to develop through research and the discovery of new remedies in order to maintain its relevance in the modern world.

Homeopathy can help restore health and well-being to those who are unwell and prevent illness in those who are healthy. It can support us when changes happen in our lives and encourage personal development.

For those living with long-term conditions it can increase quality of life by offering relief from symptoms, assisting self-management and improving vitality. It can work alongside existing medications (and even help with their side-effects).

I practice Homeopathy in a way which recognises the complex demands of modern life. You will not need to change or stop taking medications you are already taking or to make radical changes to your diet. These changes may occur as treatment progresses but only in a gentle and, most important, safe way.

My consultations are relaxed and unhurried allowing time for us to understand what you wish to change and take full account of all the factors, both past and present, which are influencing your situation. Appointments will be at intervals to suit your needs and the complexity of your case. Initially they are likely to be monthly however the frequency will reduce as you make progress.

At the end of each consultation I will prescribe a remedy which will usually be given in tablet form. The remedies I prescribe for you will be chosen from thousands available to me. They are prepared by regulated pharmacies using natural substances derived from plants, animals and minerals. A much greater range of remedies, and potencies, is available to me as a qualified homeopath than those available “over the counter” for first aid purposes. This means I can ensure you receive the correct remedy for your individual needs.

I encourage you to be fully involved in your treatment and to make Homeopathy a part of your life. I will help you to get to know your remedies and when you need them. I can provide First Aid Kits which will help with day to day ailments. Once we begin working together I will be available as your Homeopath until you tell me otherwise. Even after your initial treatment has ended you can return at any time and many clients chose to have occasional preventative appointments.

Remedies carry no risk of toxicity or addiction and therefore can be used during pregnancy, while breast feeding and by children. All remedies have been tested on human beings. There is no animal testing in Homeopathy.

Treatment Fees

PractitionerFeeTreatment duration
Stephanie WoolleyNew clients (Adults) £702 hours
New clients (children under 18) £351 hour
Follow-ups Adults £451 hour
Follow-ups Children £351 hour
Family (2 children) £601 hour

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